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Keeping Score – Beethoven’s Third Symphony “Eroica” meaning “Heroic” Powerful illustration of emotions through music…

Beethoven’s Eroica Watch The PBS video here Beethoven, Ludwig Van born in 1770 in German a great composer of all times is not a stranger even to the modern world. In fact his third symphony called “Eroica” cannot be more relevant today that to him and the people who lived in that era. If you … Continue reading

Ethics of Your Profession and Your Mother’s Words – A little humor for Mother’s Day – “Happy Mother’s Day to All!!

Treat your wife, mother, daughter, grand mother, friend with care and compassion. World exists not because of your big ideas but because we came together to make the world we live in a better place. So hug your mother, your grand mother, your wife your daughter and say you love them. I apologize I could … Continue reading

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

I came across a very entertaining article about “Complex Teas” written in 1906 in Chicago. She goes on to explaining how her mother was a stunning beauty and preserve her health through believing that the root cause of all illnesses is constipation. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of my father. He made us drink … Continue reading

Happy Easter To All Our Clients…

“Just to say Thank You and Wish A Happy Easter To All Our Clients, Friends & Family.”

Devil-fish, as with a furious bull – Seize that moment

“With the devil-fish, as with a furious bull, there is a certain moment in the conflict which must be seized. It is the instant when the devil-fish advances its head. The movement is rapid. He who loses that moment is destroyed.” – A Struggle With A Devil Fish by Victor Hugo When you extend this … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The lesson of self-sustainability

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. We naturally think of Irish people and Ireland. The Nobel and Lennin Peace Prize Winner Séan MacBride’s words: “Ireland’s right to sovereignty, independence and unity are inalienable and indefeasible. It is for the Irish people as a whole to determine the future status of Ireland. Neither Britain nor a small minority … Continue reading

Role of Imagination in Critical Philosophy – Immanuel Kant . What You Can Learn from Hannah Arendt & Kant

Hannah Arendt, among few recognized as profoundly original, influential and controversial political thinkers of twentieth century. Her unorthodox approach to fundamental concept of plurality as the essential condition of political life comes from her German background and the influence of Kant. A German Philosopher who believed in “enlightenment” – man’s self-imposed immaturity to recognize the … Continue reading

The most fun part was my father on our way home asked me how did you understand what he was talking?

This picture is me and my Japanese Consultant’s wife. Near Mount Fiji. One of my dreams to visit Mount Fiji, was first in my list when I got a scholarship to Japan to study Production Management. I was just starting to Manufacture Computer Accessories. And had a product in my mind I tried getting the … Continue reading

Have A Gratitude, Not An Attitude… JFK’s Lesson of Receiving a Gold Coin Charm

A letter written by young Naval Officer at the time, John F. Kennedy, thanking for the gift he received from Clare Boothe Luce,(1903-1987) who was a family friend of Kennedy’s. The gift was a gold coin which belongs to Clare’s mother. Young JFK wrote… “I came home yesterday and Dad gave me your letter with … Continue reading

Hidden Ingredients to be successful in business. “O’ Captain My Captain”

“O’ Captain My Captain” famous dirge written by Walt Whitman (1819-1892) in 1865 after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The revised version of the poem, in 1871 by the poet Walt Whitman O’ CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN! By Walt Whitman I . O’ CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN! Our fearful trip is done The ship has weathered … Continue reading