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Happy Father’s Day To All

Relax, Chill, Enjoy Your Day!! “Happy Father’s Day to my father although he is not with us today. Thank you for teaching me to stand up for what is right and what I believe in. You would always be with me in all I do. ” And Happy Father’s Day To All Dads and Everyone … Continue reading

How Can We Negotiate Effectively?

Negotiations! Are Those For Only The Best? Wrong!! It’s a Thoughtful Skill mastered with your Wit and Conviction and Careful consideration of a Circumstance. We see and hear every day how some kind of negotiations took place with people. Negotiation skills are a major factor in Today’s Economy. As entrepreneurs and even as employees you … Continue reading

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”.

Evolution of Cryptography – Are you really protecting your Data?

Secretary of State and as a Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, James Madison used many codes and ciphers in his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson. Although father of American Cryptography title goes to James Lovell, Leon Battista Alberti is was known as “The Father of Western Cryptology” in part because of his development of polyalphabetic … Continue reading

Are You Solving Your Ego or The Conflict? 10 Strategies for Conflict Resolution.

Ten Strategies for Conflict Resolution • When angry, separate yourself from the situation and take time to cool out. When we are angry our rational thinking is not at best. Taking time to cool off will give you time to be yourself and not rash out unnecessarily and worsen a situation which can be solved … Continue reading

Today’s Advertising; A Changing Picture Puzzle?

“Write for prices on Changing Picture Puzzle. It will tell your argument in a way they won’t forget.” J. L. Bieder Co. I believe this statement is appropriate today than the days it was actually stated. Bieder Co. eloquently put words in to our minds “Orders gravitate to the fellow who Hustles, Hollers and Humps.” … Continue reading

Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 – 1920

Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 -1920 Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 – 1920 Please watch the video above. You would find it refreshing. Some of the Advertising material from 1850 – 1920. Advertising from 1850 to present has changed. More I think the media of Advertising has changed. Not necessarily the content. Yes … Continue reading

Social Stimulation™ Through Intellectual Stories

What you do when you can’t brag about your achievements due to copyright and security issues? We bring you intellectual stimulation through our stories. – Madusha Palliyage, Sihegee USA Social Stimulation™ Through Intellectual Stories Today the Companies are diving into the deep end, to find this Social Stimulation™ to Market their Products or Services. From … Continue reading

So The God Created The Farmer. Then What?

“Welfare of Farmer is a Basic Need of this Country. The lead must be taken by the Farmer. The Government should back the farmer. Everything possible should be done to better economic condition of Farmer also fix the Social Value of the Life of the Farmer… And in addition he should be helped to cooperate … Continue reading

The “homespun” language of President Lincoln. Was it bad Grammar or Not?

Today we are remembering the birth of President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of United States. And a great President of All times. But was his language “homespun?” Although Mr. Seward wrote the closing, President Lincoln wrote his own now famous closing for his inauguration speech. “I am loath to close. We are not enemies, … Continue reading