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Wishing You Magic In this Holiday Season

To All Our Clients their Families, Our Friends & Everyone! May all your wishes and dreams come true in this Holiday Season! Enjoy the season. Advertisements

To Lead is to Define The Art of Power within you…

Lately everyone has been talking about the art of power and how to attain this great power. I’ve being researching for a while of this subject and came across a very interesting book, which was written about Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power by Jon Meacham, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The Author talks about … Continue reading

American’s woul…

American’s would still to destroy 3 prejudices much more intangible and more tenacious: the prejudice of the master, the prejudice of race, and finally the prejudice of white” Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) P.S. Picture credit and material credit goes to its original author’s.

Modern day Sally Heming’s speaks…

To All of The Historians, Author’s and General Public; Yes this is modern day Sally Heming’s speaking of the past and how it could be if it was a present day romance. First of all for all the historians and everyone who try analyzing Jefferson-Heming’s controversy with all due respect: please give it a rest, … Continue reading

Lincoln & Liquor – Attitude Changes Everything

“Abraham Lincoln was a Man with Great Physical Strength and A Healthy Mind.” Found a very interesting book which tags one of our Greatest Presidents; “Lincoln & Liquor.” I certainly was curious to read this book. President Lincoln grew up in an era where liquor was dominating societies and lives of people. Yet he was … Continue reading

Should USA be Treated as Lab Rats?

What I see here is someone’s unethical misconduct and greed had gone too far. People should not fed or treated like lab rats. And it’s surprising which or who allowed this tea plant to travel to USA. Some unethical scrupulous persons have made few believed that this is the right thing to do. When it’s … Continue reading

What does Independence Mean to You? “A Celebration of Independence of the Future”

Every Country declares their Independence Day. For United States it’s 4th of July. The people who gave their life to give themselves and others the freedom they deserve. What does the Independence mean to you? Or is it simply known as the Birthday of that country. United States celebrates her B’Day on July 4th and … Continue reading

Tips To Be Successful in Social Business – Are You a Socializer or a Social killer? Guidelines to create a better Social Business

If you are into Social Business to improve your image, please follow common guidelines. Young or old, small or large companies. Please don’t bore us to death! I was reading and listening to all these Social Business TV exploded within last two weeks or so. Most of them sadly are the worst I’ve seen. Just … Continue reading

Business Lessons and Emotional Intelligence through the “Eyes of a Child” and the “Mind of a child”

http://www.read.gov/aesop/index.html What you can learn from this little book originally published in 1919 by Rand, McNally & Co and bring back to life by Library of Congress. “In a pinch a good use of our wits may help us out.” We struggle every day to bring the best of us, our businesses expertise and others … Continue reading

“Tents to Internet?” Do we have too much “Chautauqua” today or not?” Blending the World of Knowledge or Molding the Minds of the World? What is the “Ultimate Blended Culture?”

“Chautauqua” was founded in 1874 by the businessman Lewis Miller and Methodist minister, Bishop, John Heyl Vincent. What was Chautauqua? Theodore Roosevelt called it “the most American thing in America.” William Jennings Bryan believed it a “potent human factor in molding the mind of the nation.” Chautauqua brought the community together for three to five … Continue reading