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To Lead is to Define The Art of Power within you…

To Lead is to Define The Art of Power within you…

Lately everyone has been talking about the art of power and how to attain this great power. I’ve being researching for a while of this subject and came across a very interesting book, which was written about Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power by Jon Meacham, winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

The Author talks about how Thomas Jefferson, used his power to get what exactly he wants according his situation. He goes into explaining the changes of status and how he changes his wants and needs. And the change is done accordingly. How did he do it? Pure conviction of the current need. And he changed the position to his status and requirement at the time. I believe a typical politician himself Thomas Jefferson was no exception. Seems to me like current day Bill Clinton with the exception of certain qualities they carry.

And the book, Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, talks about Abraham Lincoln. Another great leader we were fortunate to have. The President Lincoln embark upon complicated issues with wit, simplicity and moral persuasion. Doesn’t seems to me like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln is far apart from their leadership qualities.

I admire these great leaders and what we could learn from their personality. I know many people look for great qualities of a leader. But to me it’s all about being who you are and striving to do the right thing. And the ability to stay flexible and keep pursuing your goals and dreams without quitting. And quitting: for some it may be the right choice and for another it would not be.

A leader is someone who could see what needs to be done and follow his or her own heart to get there. The road is not a perfect line but a twisted muddy road that you should not drown but keep going. You would have flowers thrown at you as well as stones. Do you react differently to either? Just take both as is. The person who admires you today will criticize you tomorrow. That’s the reality in this world. So let go of your ego to make your life happy under any circumstance. Which is easy to say yet harder to follow?

What is a great leader in your opinion? What is the “Art of Power?” According to Buddha, recently Mahatma Gandhi had told us “Conquering one’s own self is the hardest thing to do and there lies your Art of Power.” Similarly recently one blog pointed out how JFK save the face of Russia to gain the victory. And it came with a price that USA took a set back as well.

When you look into the history and the events that had occurred; is there something call victory? Or winners? It’s the minds and eyes of the beholder. A monk who has conquered his desires laugh at a man who conquered the world but could not conquer his own desires. Should we be overly sensitive either way? Like the peaceful teachings of Buddha we should take the middle path. Like Jon Meacham in his speech at Google 2012 – sometimes it just won’t do when we look at the historical events that occurred. So that we stay in course without going back and forth like a pendulum. But can we really do this?

“It is my conviction that there is no way to peace – peace is the way.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh, The Art of Power

With so much agitation and demands we receive every awaking minute and trying to fulfill all those had made us human robots? What are your thoughts on “The Art of Power?” Please share with us so that everyone can benefit. Thank you.

PS. Photo and material credit goes to its original authors.


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3 thoughts on “To Lead is to Define The Art of Power within you…

  1. I agree with your statement about the ability to pursue your dreams and stay flexible without quitting. I think that is one big key to success.

    Posted by Naomi | December 29, 2013, 6:07 pm


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