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Modern day Sally Heming’s speaks…

Jefferson - Heming's Controversy

To All of The Historians, Author’s and General Public;

Yes this is modern day Sally Heming’s speaking of the past and how it could be if it was a present day romance. First of all for all the historians and everyone who try analyzing Jefferson-Heming’s controversy with all due respect: please give it a rest, would you? Your elaborative evidence of bias and to protect your own insecurity is not what it’s called the truth. The truth remains regardless of all of your ill-fated derogatory assumptions what you want to be factual.

First treat a woman with respect and as a person. Sally or Sarah was the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson’s deceased wife. The first thing you should take into consideration is; she is the Sister-In-Law of Thomas Jefferson and the aunt of the kids of Thomas Jefferson.

Second a long term liaison and a monogamy relationship which Mr. Jefferson may not have openly admitted because of the tragic societal ills that prevailed at that time didn’t mean that it was impossible to happen.

And who are you to judge a man’s desire of what he wants and not want from a woman? And vice-versa.

And who are you to assume that he had a blot in his character because of Callender and Sally? What we do and how we live our lives are our own responsibility and not anyone else’s business. Thomas Jefferson was a noble man, who served the country with great respect, enthusiasm and moved the country forward. Mr. Jefferson regardless deserves the respect of American Public and the World.

I feel sorry for the Ms. Lawyer who tries so hard to create evidence with regard to the Jefferson-Heming’s controversy. My dear Ma’am you seem to want acceptance from the white race more than anything trying to prove each and every evidence you found for or against this controversy. Your mama won’t be proud but disappointed of the way you have approached the story. Although I say I give overall a B for the book. Good attempt poor judgment of human behavior.

And to all the historians and authors of this controversy; Sally Heming’s was not a prostitute. If you were a woman who wrote this to address Sally I tell you to go look in the mirror and ask yourself, was she? Yes today we see women who had five or six children from five or six different men. Who do you call them? Who are you to call derogatory names for a woman who was without her control born a slave? Again she was born to the Mistress of a white Widower. So was she really a slave?

Unfortunately that was an era under the circumstances most men did not have courage to speak the truth to the world including the great Thomas Jefferson. According to some scholars Sally was mentioned in letters to the family and asking them to give their regards. This could be a sarcastic or a true regards to Sally. Whichever it does not matter. What matters is Sally is a human being and treats her like one.

At least as a woman she respected the man she chose to be with until death did part them. And kept that man doing what he was born to do. Great work to the mankind. If he had to look emotional support and his desires from other women would it had been the same? Why you people only talk about his sexual desires? Yes that is part of being together as a man and woman.

How do you know the length and depth of their conversations? And what made you think Sally was an illiterate woman who could not understand his complex work? He himself was a complex man whom she tolerated? Why could you not take these factors into consideration?

Sally had traveled better than any other woman in her era and being taught not only languages but different ways of life. So who are you to judge her capabilities of serving a man’s need? It was not out of jealousy for Thomas Jefferson but also out of jealousy of Sally Heming’s, that people could not accept this liaison between them.

Look deep into the human desire for love and caring when you look into exceptional cases like this. You would find answers. No story is presented perfectly in Black and White. Knowing how the society would react Thomas Jefferson and his survivors must have destroyed the evidence of any truth. Can you blame them? They provide the public with what the majority want to hear. Why is this regarded as a character flaw of the man? B’cause he was thirty years older than her? Love know no boundaries whether it’s color or numbers. It seems every one of you who was for or against this controversy have a hard time calling this love. Why? Again scared of the truth? Probably so was Thomas Jefferson.

But go into great detail talking about Maria Cosway’s incident as a great thing happen to Thomas Jefferson? And it was O.K. to commit adultery? But it’s not respectful to have a long term relationship with a colored woman?

If it was a story of today the historians would have to write this story differently. Unfortunately for all, it happened in an era which the most degraded human performance was at work largely.

So my kind request to you today is be human and live a dignified life with humanity in mind. You would be a better person and will be a happier person. Don’t let these petty devices lower your humanity. Rise above it and live a happy and a morally blissful life. By doing so you would create a heaven on earth for everyone who come in contact with you and live on this earth.

Thank you and may all of you be well!

With My Sincere Regards,

Modern Day Sally Heming’s

P.S. My thanks and credit goes to original author’s.


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