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Lincoln & Liquor – Attitude Changes Everything

Lincoln & Liquor - Attitude Changes Everything

“Abraham Lincoln was a Man with Great Physical Strength and A Healthy Mind.” Found a very interesting book which tags one of our Greatest Presidents; “Lincoln & Liquor.” I certainly was curious to read this book.

President Lincoln grew up in an era where liquor was dominating societies and lives of people. Yet he was a lifelong liquor abstainer. Hard to believe but it was the truth.

And in the morning today pastor went back to a verse read by a member and talked and reminded us about a very important factor. “Attitude Changes Everything” I thought to myself “how true that statement was.” And at the same time how hard it is to practice that statement?

One of our Greatest President’s of all time did abstain himself of liquor toxicities. It says that Lincoln bore the heavy burden of paying debt of business partner’s drinking & gambling problem and his own inexperience, resulting a failed business. Although liquor surrounded Lincoln he was not drawn to be a liquor lover. How did he do that? Will power? Attitude towards the value of life? I believe both if not all are factors.

In business “Attitude” sometimes or most of the time, is everything. How? Business is built on the attitude that people are looking for this product and we have the best in the market. Yes! That is our attitude. And that’s how we win our clients. You need to believe in yourself, your company and your product. If you don’t, no one will.

How much importance do you give to the attitude of you as an owner and the people you hire? Now all the big companies like Google have embedded this concept of hiring for their company. Why is this so important? Or is it so important?

I say it’s the most important factor for success. The minute your attitude change to “I can’t do this” you start dragging yourself down in your life and career. If you keep fighting with a positive attitude that “I can do,” you see paths to success opening in front of you. This doesn’t mean you won’t fight an uphill battle. But knowing that nothing comes easy, and working hard towards your goals and keeping that mentality and attitude “I can do” will change your life and your business success.

They say President Lincoln helped a well to do neighbor once passed out on the road side because of too much liquor consumption, and when others did not want to take care of that man, President Lincoln carry the person to the cabin and took care of him all night. Again what we see is the “Attitude to help another fellow human being.” And obviously he went on to help mankind and end one of the most pressing humane issues in the American History.

So how have you changed your business with your “Attitude?” Share with us and let us know.

P.S. Our thanks to LoC. The picture credit goes to it’s original author’s.


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