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Motivation or Pressure which one will Survive A Business?

Motivation or Pressure which one will Survive A Business?

Business depends on team of player’s together work hard equally to accomplish a goal geared towards solving your client’s problem to their greatest satisfaction. In the process of getting things done what do you think works? Is it Motivation or Pressure?

Charles Dana Gibson created the ideal character “Gibson Girl” was a flawless beauty with intelligence and self-confidence. “Gibson Girl” represented the ideal iconic middle class American womanhood. She not only set standards for beauty but also for behavior. So what is the business ideal for greater standards?

We have many strategies, policies in place. But do we have a business ideal? I say not really. Do we have that flawless face for business? Or can we get that flawless face, how much we strive to get that perfection? In my opinion in real life there is nothing perfect. So do we have to ask this question for business?

Business has many diced pieces. Which one is more important? Sales, Strategies, Public Relations or Nowadays Digital Footprint, Customer Service…..?

The “Gibson Girl” was introduced in 1890’s and early 1900’s as the “New Girl” by Charles. He describes her as independent, often well-educated and plays an active role in the public arena. So what is the “New Girl” for business in this digital era? Intelligent Social Media Content? Certainly this is part of the pie, I believe. Not the whole.

To get that perfection in business everyone should work together. When it comes to you what does really work? Is it pressure coming from your boss or client or the motivation from your boss and colleagues?

I certainly would like to know what works for you? I believe for many it’s Motivation. Although lot if us work well or excel under pressure. May be either to some extent or depending on your personality one of these or both would work.

Whether it’s Motivation or Pressure the fact that you can’t avoid is working together for Growth. In my opinion ideal in business is consistent Growth.

P.S. The photo credit goes to it’s original author’s. And our gratitude to LoC.


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2 thoughts on “Motivation or Pressure which one will Survive A Business?

  1. Certainly it’s must be Motivation, this can work with out any damage but pressure at last show it’s effect.

    Posted by aaryvinod | August 12, 2013, 9:38 am

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