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Should USA be Treated as Lab Rats?

Should USA be Treated as Lab Rats?

What I see here is someone’s unethical misconduct and greed had gone too far. People should not fed or treated like lab rats. And it’s surprising which or who allowed this tea plant to travel to USA. Some unethical scrupulous persons have made few believed that this is the right thing to do. When it’s certainly not. Why I say it’s not? For one thing USA’s even Hawaii which we are proud to call paradise does not have the same tropical rain storms or the soils like the Teas in South East Asia. Hawaii share many tropical fruits. True. But in my belief tea should not be one of them. For many reasons the main one being disturbing Global Economy. If we plant everything here and we do not have anything to exchange with other countries, we become that miserable do it all Joe the handyman.

Teas mainly come from countries that live less than a $1 a day. So should we destroy these economies and destroy the world economy? Why not USA try harvesting Coffee instead. We drink more coffee than tea. Don’t we? This is some dangerous scheme trying to destroy the world economy. The world should have a balanced economy. In order for us to do that we should balance our Gross Domestic Production. Not only ours but also other countries as a whole.

Greed and unethical business thrive for a while until the world comes to a realization of good and doing the right thing. So before we start planting those lab rats’ on USA soil and treat the USA people as lab rats ask yourself; Is this the right thing to do? And could we get the same quality teas from these lab grown teas. Even if it does we are hurting the economy more than contributing to the Global Economy. Why? Now we have disturbed the food chain.

Our actions should not only benefit ourselves and our own little town or economy but Globally. Once those countries whose main exports are Tea and depending to survive lose its sustainability should we gain from this action or do we lose from this action. I strongly suggest people who are behind this movement to be kind to you and the human kind and do the right thing. I love all tea enthusiasts. And tea is a serene thing. It represents goodness. What do you expect from this project?

To grow the economy not tea agriculture but find an innovative tea product. That will help thrive your part of the country’s economy, would not hurt these third world countries who live because of tea plantations in their country under $1.00 And you would be able to sell them may be a great product you came up with and thrive and be happy that you did the right thing.

Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to raise your opinion. And I hope the USA authorities will take this as a very serious threat to the democracy.


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