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Keeping Score – Beethoven’s Third Symphony “Eroica” meaning “Heroic” Powerful illustration of emotions through music…

Beethoven’s Eroica Watch The PBS video here

Keeping Score - Beethoven’s Third Symphony “Eroica” meaning “Heroic” Powerful illustration of emotions through music…

Beethoven, Ludwig Van born in 1770 in German a great composer of all times is not a stranger even to the modern world. In fact his third symphony called “Eroica” cannot be more relevant today that to him and the people who lived in that era.

If you listen to his music it’s beautifully crafted to grab your attention. His music not just invites you to listen but command you to stay still and listen and enjoy the powerful notes of rhythm.

What made him such a successful music composer even after 200 years? In 1802 he discovered that his crisis of hearing impairment is going to get worsen.

He found a way to use his calamitous situation in life to heal him with beautiful illustration of music.

His confessions, contemplation, his search to be human. His work of “Eroica” was his experience of life. How he perceived youth, hope, joy, frustration, anger, confusion, celebration, of life’s powerful emotions. And most of all energy. He presented the world with a beautiful narration of his life.

How did he overcome all his life’s misery? By keeping score.

What can a business learn from this profound music composer? I say everything. I like the explanation of Music Director, Michael Tilson Thomas. Beethoven used music strokes to tell us exactly, how he felt to be alive. The next level “Eroica” is a contest between emotions and reason. I think we all are too familiar with this concept in business.

A search for what needs to be human. Something we all understand and face whether a business or a professional.

And he explains next level as death. What should we take innocence, hero, hope…? What would be after death? How can we make sense of all of these? And like Michael says it takes up the joy and the creativity when you think of this.

But should we let the death destroy the joy of creativity? No. So even after all these years humans struggle of what it takes to be human. And the question still goes unanswered for many.

And the last as Michael says “Shameless show off.” And then Beethoven gives us a glimpse of who he is. Beethoven leads us to the things that matters the most.

First Beethoven tells us to pay attention. Then he makes continuous stream of music. His loss of hearing made him portrait all human emotions in a process of symphony.

So back to the lessons of a business. First grab attention of the consumer. Be authentic and show the personality and the emotions, and the struggles a business go through. Be transparent. Third look for the solutions. Admit to the flaws and work through the solutions. Last and fourth be ruthless and show off the success of your solutions. Just like great Steinberg storm off giving Beethoven the title to be the greatest composer. Never accept defeat if you know you have the best solution or product and something authentic to offer to the world.

Keep Score of your progress in your business. Have metrics to tell you the truth about your business. Discuss and take action of these metrics and keep progressing. And remember to be humble and human. And ask yourself the question. What it takes to be human? Remember even Beethoven felt the shame of going deaf, scared of being isolated as an individual and being abundant. His whole experience of life became one process of symphony of life and life lessons to live by. A constant pull and push of life for existence, and it would be true for your business as well.

His depression gave him a new hope and where “Eroica” was born. So with all pulls and pushes and struggles let’s achieve the success of business and life. Good Luck on your journey to success.

My thanks to PBS and original creators of video.

And LoC. Picture credit goes to its original creators.


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