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What does Independence Mean to You? “A Celebration of Independence of the Future”

What does Independence Mean to You? “A Celebration of Independence of the Future”

Every Country declares their Independence Day. For United States it’s 4th of July. The people who gave their life to give themselves and others the freedom they deserve. What does the Independence mean to you? Or is it simply known as the Birthday of that country.

United States celebrates her B’Day on July 4th and recently Abkhazia starts, celebrating her B’day the same day as US.

United States of America received her independence on July 4th 1776. The picture , not the flag is a work from the Artist C.J. Taylor or Taylor, Charles Jay from 1855 -1929.

For us today this was an imagination of the past. According to the summary from LoC and if you take a closer look at this picture it shows

“a future 4th of July celebration where women have gained suffrage and equality;

shows young and old women ringing a bell labeled “Equal Rights”, as women emerge from underground and participate in a procession,

marching under banners that state “United Order of Matinee Women” and “Higher Culture Division” past statures of

a woman holding a rolling pin labeled “Erected to the Memory of the First Woman Who Wore Breeches” and

an eagle, wearing a bonnet, labeled “The American Bird is a Hen Eagle and Lays Eggs.

Lil Blake Sculp.” A notice on a bell tower states “Strike Out the Word Male.””

So what does this mean? The struggles of women to be known and accepted in the society as equals? This made me thinking. We are celebrating 307th year of Independence for America? Yet we are struggling with the same issues in a different era? Equal pay for women. Recognition for higher ranks in the Government and the Companies?

I can’t stop but smile thinking that did we only got independence for our male counterparts? We saw recently how middle eastern countries fought for their rights and the basic rights for their daughter’s. At least we have passed those basic right stage and come a long way. But do we have the independence and equal rights for all?

A question from politicians, to companies, to regular citizens should answer and find answers honestly within themselves. It’s time to define our roles and accept norms in our societies or is it time for revolution? And please note I’m not asking for a rebellious march nor for any incident.

But I think it’s time for us to teach our kids the value of family also the value of a working mother. To me working mother does not necessarily define someone who goes to work for someone else or herself every week. A stay home mother has her duties and work cut out for them as well. Doesn’t matter who you are you are still a contributing citizen in this society and should be recognized regardless of your title, stay home mother, working mother, or any other category.

I was talking to someone the other day. The point to oppose same sex marriages is that we keep lowering our standards as a society. The God’s intention of creating a man and a woman has its purpose. And why we have such a vast majority of homosexual community is that they have been abused as children and need help? And we are hurting the society by doing this?

O.K. I listen to that rant. And I ask how about the children who are being adopted otherwise who had no home just lost in a system. The answer was there are many other couples, who are willing and able and because of the system cannot adopt a child. Hmmmm….. A situation too muddled or the person’s head is too fixed? I don’t say there isn’t a problem with the system but to me I ask why not?

I told that person well I don’t know and I don’t want to favor or change anyone’s opinion. But in my opinion first I want people to be happy. And second some are born that way. Third if they are abused no doubt has a point there we should as a society come up with a good remedy. Where people are treated not just for a sickness but emotionally as well. So that they can build their spirits to be whoever they want to be.

From the 21st century onwards how could we define “The Independence for the Future.”

Please answer. Because I like to see a society who respect each other without any segregation or other. People are recognized for their talents not because of any other reason. Companies are build and not destroyed or stolen just to make money.

On this July 4th America celebrating her Independence please think and act on our true Independence of the country and the equality for all.

Thank you for listening and I love to hear your opinion.

P.S. Picture credit goes to its original creators. And my gratitude to LoC.


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