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Tips To Be Successful in Social Business – Are You a Socializer or a Social killer? Guidelines to create a better Social Business

Tips To Be Successful in Social Business - Are You a Socializer or a Social killer? Guidelines to create a better Social Business

If you are into Social Business to improve your image, please follow common guidelines. Young or old, small or large companies. Please don’t bore us to death!

I was reading and listening to all these Social Business TV exploded within last two weeks or so. Most of them sadly are the worst I’ve seen. Just because you have a platform to promote your business does it mean you should kill your audience with boredom? No. Please don’t. I think it was yesterday I listened to CNET. I got excited oh! Tech guys and let me see what they have to say? Sadly nothing much few tips but mostly boring conversation. And they had a combination of young and old. Still I’ll tell you if you ask my 2cts. It did not work. Sorry guys. And then I’ve tried to listen to some others but it was far off of being relevant or interesting within few seconds or minutes I gave up.

Had I presented with some interesting to the point helpful conversation would I have listened to the end? Sure I would have.

Today I tried to read and watch something Jeff Werner from Linked In, had posted from All D. Thought the whole video with Elon Musk would be interesting. Unfortunately that video does not run. It’s stuck. And I tried few times. Same. Gave up on watching it.

So all these and more exasperated experience lead me to write this piece. I say I’m not a journalist nor claim to be one. But please follow common guidelines when it comes to your Social Business. Don’t kill us with your sales pitches which are not even properly aligned and thought out or the irrelevant content you are ranting about. I know I sound like that whining, bad mouthed ……. Yeah! I know what you want to call me. You should not! I mean it. Understand that we know and are trying to respect that you have something to sell. We get it. Please respect us the reader and engage us in a meaningful way that we walk out with a happy feeling that we spent some valuable and quality time with you.

Now I’m going too far to explain. So let me give you few hints from a point of view of your socially engaged customer.

First if you are conducting a Social Business TV and whether you are young or old if you don’t have that portrayed voice contract it out to a professional who can speak, interview on behalf of you. Some of you have voices that put us to sleep even before you start the interview or whatever you have to talk to us. Remember we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. So don’t take this personally.

And I don’t care how rich and famous or brilliant you are if you are in public please behave. We don’t care to see you naked or any other for that matter. Have some respect for yourself and others. Sorry to be bold and that’s who I am.

Keep your Social Engagements to the point and to a minimum time that people can absorb. If you want to show your intelligence write a book. May be we can read it leisurely page by page every day and finish it whenever we want to. Just b’cause you have video’s on Demand doesn’t mean we are going to spent hours to listen to your ranting.

Keep the content short please.

And Journalists and Announcer’s it’s time you own your professional place in the world again. You’ve given a much wider, transparent professional platform. Own it. Show the world what it takes to be a Journalist and an announcer. We haven’t lost those professions. As I see it we are in a dire need of those professions.

And if you are young and think you know it all; you don’t. People need to be entertained also the professional world admires to be well informed.

Don’t praise someone or something for the reason of deep pockets or whatever reason. With false admiration you do harm than good to that person or Company.

And if you see a good write up or other piece of Social Business let them know that you value it. No one is stopping you from praising another? And if you did create something good won’t you like to be admired and recognized?

Please follow simple etiquettes in the society and the world. Let’s do a good job in Social Business and lift each other up and help each other to be successful in business and life.

Thank you for listening to my histrionics. Hope you have something to think about before you go and do another slovenly production of Social Business. And come out with a killer piece and make everybody awe you with your efforts and production. Good Luck to you.


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