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Business Lessons and Emotional Intelligence through the “Eyes of a Child” and the “Mind of a child”


What you can learn from this little book originally published in 1919 by Rand, McNally & Co and bring back to life by Library of Congress.

“In a pinch a good use of our wits may help us out.”

We struggle every day to bring the best of us, our businesses expertise and others and make this a better world, and serve our clients to the best of our ability and to make a living. We talk a lot about emotional intelligence these days.

In this process its best we stop and go back to our child hood and see how we use to think and act. Back then we had no fear. We say and do whatever we think is right. That self-conscious gene wasn’t developed yet. So we were free to be creative and use our wit to do what we need to do.

Yesterday I was at my friend’s husband’s graduation. And their son said the most hilarious yet a very important thing that we as businesses forget to address. We were at Queen Mary and he got up into one of those open deck tools on the ship. And looked around and declared “Mommy I see the Whole World.”

We burst into laughing but it really hit me. For this little guy that was the whole world. He see the buildings, water, boats, people, trees whatever in his mind was everything is there in his little world. My heart sank not by sorrow but with love. Why can’t we go back to thinking with such innocence?

And today I came across this little book with all the lessons for a child to develop a right mind. It got me thinking! Why can’t we think and act like children time to time. Not to be dumb and stupid but just to relax and absorb the good in the world, and the best in us. Is it too hard for businesses and professionals to act and think like a child?

I believe not. This is how we bring our creativity to a productive business table. Strategy is to think back to the basic needs of the audience you are serving. What do they need? How can we make them happy and get them involve in our process and our product?

I wish we all see like this little guy the whole world and bring the little we have to the top with our wit like this crow brought the water to the top. The process might be hard and lot of work. But with innocence of a child and the wit within us we can achieve great things.

What do you think? Share if you have some stories about emotional intelligence.

P.S. Photo credit and material credit goes to its original authors and LoC.


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