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Do you know where you are going? Praise, humility…will it change you?

Do you know where you are going?

Yesterday I was at a funeral for a thirty something. I had to be with her parents for they are few of the sweetest people I know and the pastors of the church. I love them. I was too emotional. Thinking how they could handle this tragedy? They are burying their child before them. Their child left this world, before them? Hard to grasp the concept. Isn’t it?

Then again we all have brought a certain time and have to leave when the time comes. In the mean time we keep building as much as we can. Material wealth, relationships, legacy and what not. But did we remember to build a strong spiritual self for us so that when you go you know you are onto the right path?

We talk and teach so much of being the first being the best but did we stop to think about what this really means?

Life and world present you with beauty, ugly, praise, humility, happy and sorrow. Teach us lessons how to be humble, wake up from day dreaming and throw us to a pile of dirt to sort out the good from bad right from wrong. Buddha was harbored from seeing the truth of life from his father for he was warned when Siddhartha was born he would be the King of the world or he would attain Nirvana in this life time. Well with all the power of King he could not protect his son seeing an old man, a sick man, a priest and a dead body, which lead to Siddhartha’s quest to find the truth and attained Buddhahood.

I remember the story from history of the wise King of Sri-Lanka. When Buddhism was sent to Sri-Lanka through Mihudu Thera (Missionary) from India, he caught the King at the time going on deer hunting. So the Rev. Mihudu asked the King: “King do you know where you come from? The answer was “no.” Then again Mihudu Thera asked the King Devanampiyatissa, “Do you know where you are going? King’s answer again was “No.” With that answer Rev Mihudu knew this was no ordinary human being. But someone with deeper knowledge and suitable to teach Dharma.

We all as humans struggle with many battles daily and try to put out many fires. I struggle to place the values in the business and in life. I don’t know about you all, but I fail most of the times and succeed time to time. And I try to remember to take the middle path as per Dharma teachings. This doesn’t mean you have to be skeptical about life and give up life. But, consciously while doing what you need to do think of evolving your spiritual being as well. I don’t mean these false spiritual evolving which gets advertised these days. But look within deep into yourself one special time of the day. Any time this is convenient for you.

Ask how I could change myself? If you find answers for that question you most certainly will find answers how to change the world and make it a better place.

I wrote this as a tribute to all the parents who had being in this situation and will have to be in this difficult heart breaking life experience. May you all find peace in life! Thank you for listening to me.

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