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Creative Branding and Unspoken Censorship

Creative Branding and Unspoken Censorship

Creative Branding: What does it mean to you? Nowadays too much argument is presented in this topic. But does everything works for you?

“Gentlemen: Although I ought not to conceal, yet I cannot describe, the painful emotions which I felt in being called upon to determine whether I would accept or refuse the Presidency of the United States.” President George Washington from his address The Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources, 1745-1799. John C. Fitzpatrick, Editor. [Alexandria, April 16, 1789.]

The above verse from President George Washington exactly describes my emotions when it comes to creative branding. Should Companies just accept its position in their digital market segment? Or should they refuse and see how their market position can be enriched? I can’t help but think the unspoken restrictions that Tech Giants can use against you. Or can they?

This is an idea I just like to throw out in open to see your thoughts about this subject matter. And go further to challenge the digital media constraints, and restrictions that they can place on your content and any other digital advertising. Is this the unspoken truth? A question which require attention from you today. If you are only being busy creating content or any other digital advertising you should think of this possibility as well.

“I do not feel myself under the necessity of making public declarations, in order to convince you, Gentlemen, of my attachment to yourselves, and regard for your interests. The whole tenor of my life has been open to your inspection; and my past actions, rather than my present declarations, must be the pledge of my future conduct” – George Washington. I believe this is how companies should present themselves. But do they really present themselves this way? Or even if they did can the Tech giants keep you under?

“All that now remains for me is to commit myself and you to the protection of that beneficent Being, who, on a former occasion has happily brought us together, after a long and distressing separation.” – George Washington. Well the companies and the world were separated by geographical restrictions but brought together today with marvelous invention of Internet. And we all believe future of businesses will depend on our connectivity. And what is our role in this globally accessible platform? How could we protect ourselves and each other of any misuse of technology? Did you ever stopped to think of this kind of possibilities?

I believe its time companies start asking these questions and demand answers for these unspoken words. Don’t you?

We like to know what you think about this topic before we elaborate on this topic. What are your thoughts? Is this just speculation or is there any truth in this?

Let us know. We like to do some research on this topic.

P.S. Photo credits and material credit goes to LoC and its original creators.


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