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How Can We Negotiate Effectively?

How can we negotiate effectively?

Negotiations! Are Those For Only The Best? Wrong!! It’s a Thoughtful Skill mastered with your Wit and Conviction and Careful consideration of a Circumstance. We see and hear every day how some kind of negotiations took place with people.

Negotiation skills are a major factor in Today’s Economy. As entrepreneurs and even as employees you face every day some kind of negotiation. How can we negotiate effectively?

According to Wikipedia Negotiation is a cooperative process whereby participants try to find a solution which meets the legitimate interests of both parties.

I’ve being in many circumstances just like all of you who had lived the working life whether it’s a few years or many years. And being in the middle of negotiations that you never thought you would have to. What would you do if you were caught up in a negotiation with hard headed person that has no intention of giving into you?

• When negotiating professionally first look at the circumstance clearly and weigh the person’s character whom you are negotiating.
Know the facts that you try to negotiate. Be thorough with your subject matter.
You want both of you to come out winners. If one person feels like being deprived you are not negotiating skillfully.
Be respectful and kind in your words. Angry and wrong words will fuel the argument and impede the negotiations.
And keep in mind no one shoe fits when it comes to negotiations. It depends on who you are negotiating with, young or old, the background of the negotiator, what cause both of you to be in the negotiation table? Sales, conflict, service, new idea presentation, contract adjustment……? To name a few.
Above all pick and choose your battles. Is this worth going into an argument to win or to lose?

Let us know how you negotiate a situation where you thought you were losing and how you were successful or not successful in negotiating the problem.

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