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Augustus of Prima Porta; “Forever Young” What Values Your Company Practice with Conviction?

Augustus of Prima Porta; “Forever Young” What Values Your Company Practice with Conviction?

Augustus of Prima Porta; “Forever Young” what he wanted to be remembered!! A bit of history, is he won Rome over Parthians when both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony attempted to reclaim the Roman standard through military means and failed. The statue in the picture of Augustus was sculptured in 20 BC and set up in a public place by the senate. At the time the statue believed to use for propaganda. And also to honor Augustus of his victory. The shift of Roman iconography from old and wise seems solemn character to young and strong as leadership symbol. This embrace of youthful mind set believes to be of Greek influence of its perfectly depicted strong God’s.

Why this shift? What prompted them to do such a 360 degree turn of values that they held? A war which could not be won for 30 years. Finally Augustus was able to bring peace to Rome. In the sculpture the Sun he brought to Rome was shown with carved God’s. Definitely his victory and the statue not only showed a victory but were deliberately delivered a message to the world over his international victory.

Not only today even at that time the messages are consciously carved by ruler’s to their people. Today our politician’s, companies spent time and money on sending the perfect message they want the public to perceive. With all the digital noise the transparency of some messages are stronger than others.

If your company really has no values but portraits such values do you think your message will be accepted by the general public and your clients? Why and Why not? I certainly would like to know your opinion.

A company which practice such values with integrity, what impact they have in their cliental and the society?

Why is it so hard to convince people one way or the other? Why is it so easy for people to provoke violence with such conviction? Why people behave the way they behave? Just like the saying “The people who hate; hate with conviction than with people who work to achieve peace.” If this is true what can we do as individuals and businesses to bring peace and sun to our societies, country, and world?

After the Boston Marathon Attack this was in my mind and thought it’s time we work harder than we had before to bring a solution to this problem.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Credit goes to its original material and photo owners. MIT, LoC, Wiki contributors, Khan Academy…


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