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How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

I came across a very entertaining article about “Complex Teas” written in 1906 in Chicago. She goes on to explaining how her mother was a stunning beauty and preserve her health through believing that the root cause of all illnesses is constipation. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of my father. He made us drink every week Ayurveda medicine which has many herbal medicines to cleanse our body. Although we hated it we had no choice but to drink it. And a glass of a good green drink which consists of herbal plants and other medicinal value added substance.

Today in this Digital age we are in a race to prove the value of our products. But the truth is when choosing a product; people have their own pre consumed notions. The hardest thing is to break that barrier to enter the markets. There are some products we could do this easily. But the food industry is not one of them. Food and Beverage industry takes much more hard work to cut through that red tape. It is much more arduous to achieve and break those pre conceived notions.

In that article she explains, contrary to the fact this tea contributed or not to her beauty and well-being she believed that it did. A lesson the businesses should learn. We purchase things because it solves something we are badly in need. AND MOST IMPOTANTLY WE BELIEVE IT DOES.

See below how it explains what this “Tea” does to “Men” and “Women.”

Tea’s Effect on Men

“The immediate effect of this improved physical condition in men is shown forth in increased power and vigor, both physical and mental; in renewed ambition and improved concentration, memory, and business ability, so closely are mind and body allied in their operations.”

Tea’s Effect on Women

Teas improve the circulation of the blood and, give you a clear skin, bright eye. Cure headaches. Restore nerve force. Improve menstrual troubles and more.

Not sure if you be the “Beauty Queen” or the “Popeye” drinking Tea.

Although this talks about Teas’ and its effects, whether you are in Technology, Food & Beverage, Service, Manufacturing industry the theory of Appeal is the same. Your approach to your cliental differs according to your pre regulated market segments.

And when “Analyzing Your Data” consider these factors. You can add and subtract many things you want.

• Gather information in a data base.
• Decide what information you want to analyze. Choose data to analyze according to your requirements. What information are you trying to derive?
• Abstract data to an excel sheet or maybe you can run reports using your software or third party software.
• Create some histograms, frequency polygans, ogives. See the picture for yourself.
• If you conduct a survey, you can find some help with web sites to do Random Assignments or what’s commonly known in the business world as AB Split test.
• Carefully study your Data. Reading into wrong Data could bring you misery than success.
• If you are not familiar with Data Analyzing Process, hire someone who could creatively find Data lost in your Data base.
• You would be amazed what you would find with your Data.
• And finally remember that all data that you get from conducting a survey or through your own Data might or might not reflect the actions of behavior.

Let us know your “Beauty and Popeye moments of Data Analyzing.” And what you do to achieve greater results.

P.S. Photo Credits and material credit goes to LoC, Duke University, Mascot Design …


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