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Creative Branding and Unspoken Censorship

Creative Branding: What does it mean to you? Nowadays too much argument is presented in this topic. But does everything works for you? “Gentlemen: Although I ought not to conceal, yet I cannot describe, the painful emotions which I felt in being called upon to determine whether I would accept or refuse the Presidency of … Continue reading

How Can We Negotiate Effectively?

Negotiations! Are Those For Only The Best? Wrong!! It’s a Thoughtful Skill mastered with your Wit and Conviction and Careful consideration of a Circumstance. We see and hear every day how some kind of negotiations took place with people. Negotiation skills are a major factor in Today’s Economy. As entrepreneurs and even as employees you … Continue reading

Augustus of Prima Porta; “Forever Young” What Values Your Company Practice with Conviction?

Augustus of Prima Porta; “Forever Young” what he wanted to be remembered!! A bit of history, is he won Rome over Parthians when both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony attempted to reclaim the Roman standard through military means and failed. The statue in the picture of Augustus was sculptured in 20 BC and set up … Continue reading

Business Ethics from an Exemplary Ruler King Ashoka

“Well, let me begin by saying that the sense of identity changes as one changes one’s understanding of one’s past. Historical changes do bring about changes of identity.” Dr. Romila Thapar Today we talk about Business Ethics and teach in school all the ethics that a student can absorb. But are they really teaching ethics? … Continue reading

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”.

How Do We Market Our Products and Our Brands? “Beauty or Popeye?”

I came across a very entertaining article about “Complex Teas” written in 1906 in Chicago. She goes on to explaining how her mother was a stunning beauty and preserve her health through believing that the root cause of all illnesses is constipation. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of my father. He made us drink … Continue reading