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Devil-fish, as with a furious bull – Seize that moment

Devil-fish, as with a furious bull - Seize that moment

“With the devil-fish, as with a furious bull, there is a certain moment in the conflict which must be seized. It is the instant when the devil-fish advances its head. The movement is rapid. He who loses that moment is destroyed.” – A Struggle With A Devil Fish by Victor Hugo

When you extend this context to the business world its validity could be proved in many instances. And like the proverb, “Strike while the iron is hot.”

Is it just that moment the business has to seize? Business needs to seize opportunities while it’s present. And continue to work on looking and creating opportunities for its products and services. Survival depends on how the business can identify, quantify and act on human problems.

We see many solutions to our problems are attacked by many companies. But who wins? The companies with proper thought out plans to solve the problem and also who can identify the human essence wins the game.

Technology is in a race to catch up with their predecessor, “humans.” Although we talk highly about these technologies, these technologies have not yet fully matured. Technology market place is still wide open for right products.

Every time computer freezes, I just think to myself; “Are we there yet?” Here we are in the mobile age but our PC’s still needs a good tune up to run smoothly. I don’t mean just a tune up I mean fix the problem. Or the world will turn to Apple. Not that Apple is perfect either.

And I try solving a technical or other problem online, well 50% of the time it works. Here I’ve being very generous. And where is the other 50% of the market? I enthusiastically start working on a new software half way through the execution where is that “user friendly” mantra that you promised me when I bought your software?

I say technology market is wide open to grab. Let companies who can thrive come and serve the majority. Take the red tapes and your egos off the table and give a chance to these little companies who are performing and offering a great product to the world. Rather than trying to gobble the smaller companies work with them and let those companies grow. Greed might be necessary to maximize your profit. But to maximize the customer retention and loyalty, you should think about providing value to your customer.

An ancient book found in the Wilderness by the Children of Israel: “The Head of a Man, with a long Beard and a little Blood about his Neck, being graved in a Diamond, procureth Victory and Audacity, preserveth the Body from being hurt, and causeth Favour from Princes.”

To be that Prince to win the hand of the Princess (Your Customers) work diligently and honestly to serve the customer. You will have a little blood on you and some bruises for sure but your victory come with truly solving the problem in hand with integrity and temperament.

Do you have a Customer Retention and Loyalty Program in your Company? Share with us your experience and thoughts.

P.S. My thanks to LoC and original writers. Photo credit goes to its original photographer


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