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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The lesson of self-sustainability

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The lesson of self-self-sustainability

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. We naturally think of Irish people and Ireland. The Nobel and Lennin Peace Prize Winner Séan MacBride’s words:

“Ireland’s right to sovereignty, independence and unity are inalienable and indefeasible. It is for the Irish people as a whole to determine the future status of Ireland. Neither Britain nor a small minority selected by Britain has any right to partition the ancient island of Ireland, nor to determine its future as a sovereign nation.”

President of Sinn Fenn, Gerry Adams Mp, in his “Pathway to Peace” document 1991 describes, “The peace is not simply the absence of war or conflict.”

“lt is the existence of conditions of justice and equality which eradicate the causes of war or conflict. It is the existence of conditions in which the absence of war or conflict is self-sustaining. “

Self-sustaining is the key to success of an individual, business, nation and the world. The world today is facing a crisis with this self-sustainability around the Globe due to the economic conditions. The innovative individuals and businesses should step in fast and change the predicament for better.

The business can provide its employees self-sustainability, by creating an innovative environment for the employees. And the employees should in return take advantage of this opportunity and produce greater productivity to themselves, company, nation and the world.

Stay away from the mindset that you are here just 9-5 to do what your employer or the boss needs you to do. It is much more than that. You are causative to your nation’s and the world’s economy. The nation enjoys a higher wealth because you are gainfully employed and you contribute to the spending power of the nation.

Love this fictional character Irish created to explain humorously their strained relationship with British. The picture shows John Bull’s dinner with Miss Hibernia and the family. Family representing all taxes to be imposed. The incongruous figure seated in the middle labeled “Isacc Income” is taking more than his share. He is reproved by “Abraham Hat Stamp” who say’s “Don’t be so boisterous, there is enough for us all” and by and by Polly Powder Tax, “Really Brother I am quite ashamed of you.” John Bull, raising a knife, adds, “Can’t you take what comes to your share like the rest of the Family, why you swallow more than all the rest put together. (narrated by the picture shown – LoC)

Although humorous this cartoon character teaches us a lot about humanity, business and Government influence. See below few verses taken from John Bull (part 07):

John Bull’s my Name and one I think respected too by all,
My home’s a little Island which is powerful though small.
My girls they are the prettiest Search North, East, South, and West,
My boys they are the freest, the luckiest and the best;
I’ve got a constitution that can stand a deal of trouble,
Although I find expenses have been getting nearly double,
And these two boys, Ben and Billy want to comb each other’s wool,
But I fancy Ben’s the favorite of old John Bull.

United States President Abraham Lincoln, February 18th, 1861

“On what rightful principle may a state, being not more than one-fifth part of the Nation in soil and population, break up the Nation and then cause a proportionately large sub-division of itself in a most arbitrary way?”

There’s a wealth of lessons with Irish. And March 17th is her National Day celebrating St. Patrick. March 17th was the day he died. Many might not know according to ABC News that St. Patrick was not Irish. His real name was Maewny Succat. He was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland. And was kidnapped by Irish and enslaved as a shepherd for several years before he became St. Patrick. And the Shamrock was used by him to teach the wholly trinity. And contrary to the popular belief he did not drive all the snakes out of Ireland.

The purpose of giving you this whole story is to remind us the importance of self-sustainability of individuals. Which in return contribute to the success of businesses, nations, and the world. The world will unite if the wealth is equally distributed and people are remuneratively employed.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. Photo and material credit goes to LoC, British Library, Sinn Fenn, and all original and assembled individuals and institutions.


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