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Today’s Advertising; A Changing Picture Puzzle?

Today’s Advertising; A Changing Picture Puzzle?

“Write for prices on Changing Picture Puzzle. It will tell your argument in a way they won’t forget.” J. L. Bieder Co. I believe this statement is appropriate today than the days it was actually stated. Bieder Co. eloquently put words in to our minds “Orders gravitate to the fellow who Hustles, Hollers and Humps.” “Prosperity comes in about the same proportion as the effort we make.”

No argument of the above statements. What makes it interesting is if we look at today’s world of ever evolving Digital Media and appropriateness of fundamental Advertising and Selling Principles. Has it changed?

According to Harry L. Hollingsworth’s “Advertising and Selling Principles of Appeal and Response” Interest Incentives fall under 8 Major Principles. They are:

1. Novelty: bizarre effects, unusual devices and statements – danger, good, curiosity
2. Color: brightness, tone and harmony
3. Illustration: cuts, photographs, sketches humor
4. Action: suggested activity on the part of persons or things
5. The comic: pictorial and verbal humor
6. Feeling Tone: pleasantness, excitement, strain and their opposites
7. Instinctive Response: any appeal to a fundamental instinct.
8. Effective Conceptions: appeal to established habits and ideals

Hollingsworth, talks about relevant and irrelevant advertising strategies. And keep the attention to the Advertisement from beginning to the end, and embed the message in your consumer.

I love researching the work 100 years or so and comparing them to new concepts that we use today. I still don’t see the differences in fundamental concepts our ancestor’s used at the time. Except today we use the advance of Technology to make things faster and efficient in a mechanical manner.

In Advertising we still Appeal to the particular customer base according to their behavior and try to be present in their effective decision process. In Sigmund Freud’s </strong>“Construction in Analysis” he address the question of the influence of the analyst and how interpretation, construction, memory and insight be related to one another. And Advertiser’s should definitely take Sigmund Freud’s findings and the process.

And also Carl G. Jung’s “introversion and extroversion and personality types” matter in the process of Advertising and Sales in your Company. The approach to these different personalities should be carefully crafted, not to shut off one type.

Advertising & Sales is an ever evolving industry with fundamental principles still in place. The basic human needs stay the same with a different taste according to the era they live in and the environment and the culture that influence them. What are your thoughts?

P.S. My thanks to Loc and Duke University


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