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Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 – 1920

Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 -1920

Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 – 1920

Please watch the video above. You would find it refreshing. Some of the Advertising material from 1850 – 1920.

Advertising from 1850 to present has changed. More I think the media of Advertising has changed. Not necessarily the content. Yes somewhat things have changed. But Technology has made advertising easier yet complex. The advertising has entered a Jungle today in my opinion.

Showing individual content with integrity, personality is a complex and a time consuming chore. And what exactly is seen and who sees it has to methodically and strategically craft.

Does your Business take advantage of the social platforms that’s available to you? What Critical Thinking Strategies you use?

P.S. The credit goes to the LoC and Duke University


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