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Role of Imagination in Critical Philosophy – Immanuel Kant . What You Can Learn from Hannah Arendt & Kant

Role of Imagination in Critical Philosophy - Immanuel Kant .  What You Can Learn from Hannah Arendt & Kant

Hannah Arendt, among few recognized as profoundly original, influential and controversial political thinkers of twentieth century.

Her unorthodox approach to fundamental concept of plurality as the essential condition of political life comes from her German background and the influence of Kant. A German Philosopher who believed in “enlightenment” – man’s self-imposed immaturity to recognize the ability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance. Immanuel Kant, who lived in the 18th century, in Konisberg, Germany who believed in “role of Imagination in critical philosophy.” He recognized human freedom as spontaneity. His most beloved gift Arendt treasured was the explanation of Imagination:

“Imagination is the faculty of representing intuition an object that is not itself present.”


“Imagination (facultas imaginandi) is a faculty of perception in the absence of an object.”

Is there some sort of imagination is present in intellect?

Answer is “Synthesis of manifold… is first given rise to knowledge.”

It gathers the elements for knowledge, and unites them into certain content. This synthesis is the mere result of faculty of imagination. A blind but indispensable function of the soul, without which we have no imagination. Which we have no conscious that it exists.

How imagination produces the synthesis is by providing an image for a concept. This image is called “schema.” According to Kant these two extremes, sensibility and understanding should bring together.

Schematism is the Pure Concepts of Understanding. Which we have within as intuition. Which is not present and not known to us. Therefor suggests that imagination is the root for other cognitive functions. “Common” but to us “unknown,” root of sensibility and understanding.

According to Kant there are two stems: experience and knowledge.

This is the reason I was giving you this interesting and valuable rant. In business too without experience and knowledge the success could stall or come to a halt. Assuming there are no other external factors to be taken into consideration.

And without imagination the world would not enjoy new things, technology or new comforts of life. Arendt saw present as a “gap between past and future.” She showed “no longer” means “not yet.” And she urged her students to “Insert you” and “Make the World a little better.” Something which we all can learn from Hannah Arendt. And one of the greatest Champions at the time Immanuel Kant, of Humanity, and Human Dignity.

As Entrepreneurs we have a responsibility to act diligently with respect to our own self, environment and the people we work with.

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