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Happy Easter To All Our Clients…

“Just to say Thank You and Wish A Happy Easter To All Our Clients, Friends & Family.” Advertisements

Devil-fish, as with a furious bull – Seize that moment

“With the devil-fish, as with a furious bull, there is a certain moment in the conflict which must be seized. It is the instant when the devil-fish advances its head. The movement is rapid. He who loses that moment is destroyed.” – A Struggle With A Devil Fish by Victor Hugo When you extend this … Continue reading

Evolution of Cryptography – Are you really protecting your Data?

Secretary of State and as a Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, James Madison used many codes and ciphers in his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson. Although father of American Cryptography title goes to James Lovell, Leon Battista Alberti is was known as “The Father of Western Cryptology” in part because of his development of polyalphabetic … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The lesson of self-sustainability

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. We naturally think of Irish people and Ireland. The Nobel and Lennin Peace Prize Winner Séan MacBride’s words: “Ireland’s right to sovereignty, independence and unity are inalienable and indefeasible. It is for the Irish people as a whole to determine the future status of Ireland. Neither Britain nor a small minority … Continue reading

Are You Solving Your Ego or The Conflict? 10 Strategies for Conflict Resolution.

Ten Strategies for Conflict Resolution • When angry, separate yourself from the situation and take time to cool out. When we are angry our rational thinking is not at best. Taking time to cool off will give you time to be yourself and not rash out unnecessarily and worsen a situation which can be solved … Continue reading

Today’s Advertising; A Changing Picture Puzzle?

“Write for prices on Changing Picture Puzzle. It will tell your argument in a way they won’t forget.” J. L. Bieder Co. I believe this statement is appropriate today than the days it was actually stated. Bieder Co. eloquently put words in to our minds “Orders gravitate to the fellow who Hustles, Hollers and Humps.” … Continue reading

Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 – 1920

Emergence of Advertising in America 1850 -1920 Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 – 1920 Please watch the video above. You would find it refreshing. Some of the Advertising material from 1850 – 1920. Advertising from 1850 to present has changed. More I think the media of Advertising has changed. Not necessarily the content. Yes … Continue reading

Role of Imagination in Critical Philosophy – Immanuel Kant . What You Can Learn from Hannah Arendt & Kant

Hannah Arendt, among few recognized as profoundly original, influential and controversial political thinkers of twentieth century. Her unorthodox approach to fundamental concept of plurality as the essential condition of political life comes from her German background and the influence of Kant. A German Philosopher who believed in “enlightenment” – man’s self-imposed immaturity to recognize the … Continue reading