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Even though I was terrified I learnt to enjoy the ride, the thrill, the cool breeze on my face… What Harley Davidson and You have in Common?

Even though I was terrified I learnt to enjoy the ride, the thrill, the cool breeze air... What Harley Davidson and You have in Common?

The Thrill of the Ride. What Harley Davidson and You Have In Common? The thrill, the cool breeze on your face… A lesson I learnt to enjoy the ride rather than the destination

Man-on-bike “Man-on-bike, CA 1910-1930 – LoC”

Here I am talking about Harley Davidson, who is terrified even to just get into a bike. And forget riding it.

I remember my first Motor Bike Ride. My brother’s best friend came to pick me up after school b’cause my brother could not made it. And I was a kid and they were young and wild. And I told him I’m scared and I don’t want to get into his bike. And he said you have a choice either stay by yourself or ride with him home. I realized how my mother and everyone will have a fit if I don’t be home when I should be. My lack of choices as a kid forced me to get into his bike. And probably hungry and want to go home.

Well the journey started, I held tight to him as he instructed and he was very nice and started with a nice mellow speed. And eventually sped up. I think I started screaming, I should say like a little child then I was a kid too. And he was laughing and I was angry and started hitting him with my one hand and still screaming on top of my lungs. But he didn’t stop.

At the same time I also realized something. I was enjoying the ride. The thrill, the cool breeze the freedom the unknown… And I calmed myself and enjoyed the ride more than I wanted to admit. Finally when we got home I thank him and we smiled and without uttering a word we both understood the lesson.

A lesson I learnt to enjoy the ride rather than the destination even at the face of danger you experience within you. And no his bike wasn’t a Harley Davidson.

The ride of an entrepreneur or life itself is also like riding your favorite Harley Davidson. As long as you’re riding without incident you experience the speed, the fresh air and the thrill of the ride. Woooo… the minute you lose the control, you can end up breaking your neck or any other part or flat out dead. Got you thinking? Good.

Did you know the time Henry Ford incorporated his Company, and Wright Brothers First Flew the Plane, William Harley and his friends launched the Harley-Davidson Company. And what most might not know is that “Howard Roper developed a coal powered steam-engine motorcycle in 1867 and Gottlieb Daimler, a German, developed a gas-powered motorcycle in 1885, which he attached to a wooden bike.”

So what’s the Success behind the Harley? They first started with a quality engine. Aha! The word “quality” is the key. Whatever your product you introduce to the market work hard to give Quality to your Customer. And remember not everyone will appreciate good quality either. So don’t be disappointed.

And another great feature I see in Harley Davidson is that they have given a “Soul” to their product. It has a “Soul” of an adventurist. And Harley proficient their goal well with this characteristic of their bike.

With “Quality & Soul,” Harley built a “Community” or more like a Cult? This is important to grow your Market Share. And Apple is another example.

Since 1903 to 2013 they have celebrated a century. A product which has grown with generations and technology. And managed to keep that heart & soul of their product.

The morale of the story is once we face our fears and let go of it even though you totally not over it and enjoy that ride and keep improving the work you do and you will built that product or service with a heart and soul. And people will start admiring it. You cannot stop that progress if you keep progressing.

And the Marketing Strategies here are; have a quality product which has a heart and soul and build a community around it. Be Proud of it too.

So what is your Harley Davidson moments? Enjoy the ride, that brings the thrill, the breeze and what not and share your story with us. Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy reading this and gained some valuable insight of it.

If you are Harley Davidson fan take a look here. 100 years of Harley Davidson:

P.S. My thanks to LoC and photo credit to its original owners.


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