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“Back to earth. Came the dawn.” It’s Oscar Night. What Pioneer Cartoonist and the author of “Hairbreadth Harry” C. W. Kahles taught Us.

“Back to earth. Came the dawn.”  It’s Oscar Night. What Pioneer Cartoonist and the author of “Hairbreadth Harry” C. W. Kahles taught Us.

“Back to earth. Came the dawn.” By C.W. Kahles

Charles William Kahles (1878-1931), commonly known as C. W. Kahles, was an American cartoonist and creator of the newspaper comic strip Hairbreadth Harry.

Summary of this Comic Strip: Four-panel comic strip shows the villain, Rudolph Ruddigore Rassendale, freed from gravity, flying toward the moon, towing the heroine, Belinda Blinks behind him. He tells her he intends to leave her on the moon to keep the man in the moon company. In the next panel, he finds himself sucked back down to earth and into a “Giant Vacuum Cleaner,” manned by the hero Hairbreadth Harry, who also produces an “Anti-Gravity Machine” to restore Belinda’s gravity. – LoC

In this C. W. Kahles famous Comic Strip he has a Girl, a Hero, and a Villain. Hagh! A Melodrama. Now are we surprised of the Character’s presented to us by this pioneer cartoonist?

It’s Oscar Big Night tonight. I thought of giving, a little History and Some Inspiration for the entire Entrepreneur’s and everyone out there.

Early silent movies were inspired by Khales cartoon strip. The strip first produced by 1906 by Kahles, had run through numerous replays of old vaudeville melodramas.

What was Khale’s innovative style or the process of thinking that contributed to his success?

“Kahles drew in several different styles and utilized:
• caricature,
• satire,
• realism,
• suspense and
• fantasy.”

The above Parody, wit, pragmatism, anticipation, and then comes the invention. Process behind a successful business.

To be successful we need to think what will launch the product, service or the project. You don’t want a project which won’t take off the ground.

And it’s critical to have wit to design your idea. B’cause the way you present the product has to be easy and target to solve whatever you are trying to solve.

Next practicality of the idea, design, and use is most precarious to the success of your business and healthy to your bottom-line.

Keeping the client curious as to what there end attainment is a great ideology which many businesses fail when they design.

And make them think what more they can do with your product/service and be more productive?

These are just facts gathered from C. W. Kahles biography and a description of his process. And how an Entrepreneur or anyone can conquer their dreams following these simple yet profound rules of success for any product or service.

My add to this as an Entrepreneur and “Back to Earth” moment is Capital and Funding.

What are your thoughts? What more would you add to accomplish your DREAMS?

P.S. My thanks to LoC for the material. And the credits go to the original pictures & writers.


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