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Social Stimulation™ Through Intellectual Stories

Social Stimulation™ Through Intellectual Stories

What you do when you can’t brag about your achievements due to copyright and security issues? We bring you intellectual stimulation through our stories. – Madusha Palliyage, Sihegee USA

Social Stimulation™ Through Intellectual Stories

Today the Companies are diving into the deep end, to find this Social Stimulation™ to Market their Products or Services. From Large to smaller and in-between Companies are in a race to horn their innovative skills. And showcase them to the world.
There are many ways today you can showcase your talent, product or services. And LinkedIn play a great role in providing a platform to all the seasoned pro to the novice, to voice their heart desires.

We discuss how we achieve things what we do what our failures what we learnt and in between what the products or services are all about. And the Marketing Companies are in a NASCAR competition I should say trying to secure that one good or many clients.

I say competition is good. As a company before you go out there and hire a company or individual sit down by yourself or your team and put together a “Social Stimulation™” map.

Now I didn’t say a digital plan. That’s necessary. But that’s not what I’m talking about. A Social Stimulation™ map to enhance the thinking of buying power of a company or an individual.

We have many tools today.
• Linked In
• Blogs
• Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest to all other picture sites
• U Tube
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google + , And many other social sites

The tools are readily available to you. But if you do not pay attention to the social attitude of this era you are not going to get the results you’re craving for. Instead you become another fish in this vast pond or another fish in this big ocean of web.

This is how you should activate your Social Stimulation™ process.
• How can you differentiate yourself?
• Think of your best talent. What is it?
• Can you align this talent with your passion?
• How can you combine these two together?
• What’s the best possible way not only to convey a message but to stimulate your mind,
• And minds of other’s?
• Bring Critical Thinking, Economic Needs & Artistic Talents to your Social Stimulation™ plan.

I was doing some research earlier on motion pictures and the “Origin of Animation” movies. It was pretty interesting. Do you know how they made those animated movies those days? According to the literature, “The films include clay, puppet, and cut-out animation, as well as pen drawings.”

Here’s a link to one of the oldest animations. I honestly think these are great compared to some we see today. With all the tools in hand some of the Modern Creations are not up to the Standards of today’s Innovation and Technological Power.


The early animation developments believe to be during 1900 – 1921. Unfortunately Disney has some of the earliest and has copyrights and is not allowed for public showcase except for “The Disney Company.”

And why I brought up this story is to show you that if you watch these motion pictures they represent social attitudes of that era. So it is of utmost importance to study today’s social attitudes before you map a “Social Stimulation™” plan.

I hope this will help you and start thinking of a “Social Stimulation™” plan for your Company. Let me know if you already have a one or you are motivated to have a one. And if you want to add more points to this. Either way Good Luck on your venture.


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