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“Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. Entrepreneur’s influence the Hearts and Minds of others

What did a poet; romancer, dramatist and thinker, Victor Hugo who wrote the “Les Miserables” bring in to a bunch of entrepreneur’s table?

Admired by fervent minds of Young France; the world acknowledged him as a genius. The world was taken adage by his personal entreaties, inspirations to strengthen, and aggrandize the sentiment of liberty and of humanity of the world.

Let’s stop for a while. What lessons he taught us to be entrepreneurs. His most valued personal traits:
 Encourage people to be strong
 And celebrate the liberty and humanity
of the world

I believe these are very sentiments that a leader should possess to be successful.

Although the world agreed that he is a genius in the same token they mocked him his exile. And was swayed by the stimulative power of political letters of exile of Guernsey and awaken by the new aspirations the more mobile Southern races that lived by imagination and heart.

Agggh! Another valuable strategic fact:

We all as human beings have imagination
and heart. So to awake the inner you and
stimulate and aspire to live by their
imagination and heart is a job for the
entrepreneur and his team.

To look at his early years of career he was a well accomplished individual who was recognized by many such as Louis XVIII, Charles X, Drama Academy for his drama Marion Delorme. In 1845 he was named Peer of France by Louis Philippe. After the Revolution he was elected as a member of Constitutional Assembly by the City of Paris. He took part in debates with Proudhon, Louis Napoleon, and Pierre Leroux. Reelected himself to the Assemblée Legislative. Commited himself to the social and democratic party under the influence of Emile de Giradin.

His passionate Language in debates brought him animosity to himself. Victor advocated the Capital Punishment. And opposed Napoleon. Napoleon III exiled him. He first settled in the Island of Jersey and was forced to leave the asylum and seek a new at the Island of Guernsey.

In his quiet new home in England, and free from France influence, he concentrated his writings on Social and Literary subjects and the General Course of Human Progress. He wrote two volumes of personal and passionate poetry. Birth of “Les Miserables” was a product of that exertion in his vision of Grand Romance and the other was the “Contemplation.”

His literary style of dominance of energized thought was attributed to his childhood and his parents’ influence who was vivacious by political and religious views and did not let Victor be a dreamer.

Here if we take a moment to get back to being an entrepreneur from this mesmerizing life story we see more what and how we contribute as people.

Personal influence in our life makes the
difference. Again going back to the
personal appeal. And what had influenced
people in the past and how we could
influence the heart and minds of the

The relentless transformation of Victor Hugo’s life forced him to think, and to think persistently.

All this experience in life made him questioning the human intellect urged by strong sensations and varied experience is what we find in his stormy, incisive and grand phrases in his writings.

He is portrait as an:
aggressive direct thinker who showed
courage and intellect.

More of the characteristics an entrepreneur should possess.

His Phantasmagoric Mind, intense intellectual sympathy with the people, the energy and the sedulous was irresistible to the Young France.

His exquisite sensibility to love and timorous nature has made him a delight of tender hearts that shrink from his horrible and tormented images of human nature. Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” was something similar to this caliber of writing.

It’s said that no other English Writer’s name is so universally associated with the “cause of humanity” as Victor Hugo. And Benson Charles assures us that Victor Hugo’s greatness forbids us to classify him with any modern genius.

Hugo was described as Historical genius and unmatched sense of picturesque and romantic aspects of medieval life.

Another attribute for Victor Hugo which I believe certainly good qualities to possess as entrepreneurs are:
nebulous and vast conceptions,
 capricious and grand in imagination.

as stands out of Hugo’s character and his work.

Victor Hugo the dramatist and romancer, is described as:
 Definite
 Graphic,
 Bold,
 Direct, and
 Vivid.

And I say these are qualities which an entrepreneur should integrate to his character to be successful.

Benson describes; “The Power, The Struggle, The Sublime, and The Colossal that we contemplate in Michael Angelo and the Grotesque Sculptures of the Middle Ages we contemplate in Victor Hugo’s works.”

According to Charles, as Michael Angelo alone among sculptors, Victor Hugo by many of the same traits is alone among writers.

The Grand, The Bold, The Complex elements of life and nature are in his writings.

His work definitely portraits the work of outside the box thinking. An entrepreneur’s success vastly depends on this out of box thinking. And all the characteristics that described above could make you a successful entrepreneur.

Hope you enjoyed the article and the slide show of these complex original characters of “Les Miserables.” And Good Luck on your Success.

Link to the “Les Miserables” Characters.


Our Video on U tube: http://youtu.be/cRXUQFMxO1I

P.S. My thanks to as always LoC, Cal State Fullerton Library, for providing me the material. And the contributing author Charles Benson, who’s writing helped directly and indirectly writing this article. (Appleton’s Journal, August 3rd 1869)


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